12" Memory Foam Hybrid Pocket Coil Mattress-FULL

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Place of Origin Taiwan, China
Main Color White
Main Material Foam
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Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 75.00
Assembled Width (in.) 54.00
Assembled Height (in.) 12.00
Weight (lbs) 69.40


Sleep Better Tonight

This mattress consists of individually wrapped pocket coils and memory foam to provide ultimate support, relieve pressure and help those with back pain, tossing and turning get a deep sleep. This mattress prevents sagging and rolling and has a soft feel.


1. Skin-friendly and Moisture absorption

The breathable and skin-friendly fabric cover is non-irritating and will not pilling. Helps remove moisture from the surface and provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

2. Auto-adaptive body curve system

Memory foam with slow rebound and memory function not only disperses the pressure of each contact part of the body, but also makes the body and the mattress fit stronger, memory of the body's weight and curve, to achieve the effect of fully adapting to human sleep. People lying on top of the mattress feel like floating in the clouds, the skin does not feel the pressure.

3. Flame-retardant Protection

The flame-retardant fiber after special fire-proof treatment is self-extinguishing. Ensure a fairly safe sleeping area.

4. Quiet and Undisturbed Sleep

Each coil is individually wrapped in non-woven fabric, reducing the connection between the coils and allowing each coil to support each part of the body individually, giving the body independent and precise support. At the same time, each coil can stretch independently to provide the most adaptable support for the body's curves and reduce the number of tossing and turning during sleep. Each coil is wrapped in non-woven fabric so they do not interfere with each other, creating a quality sleep without distractions and quiet.

5. Buffer and anti-vibration

The buffer isolation layer is distributed on the support layer, which can effectively reduce the vibration caused by the spring rebound when turning over, and the spring feeling is small.

6. Supportive coil edge

The reinforced coil edges around the mattress allow you to experience a more durable, larger sleeping area and better seat edges when you wake up.

Product Details

Comfort Level: Soft

Mattress Type: Memory Foam Hybrid Pocket Coil Mattress

Product Highlights: Breathable, Edge Support, Low Motion Transfer, Auto-adaptive body curve, Anti-interference

Mattress Dimensions

Full: 54*75*12 Inch; Approx: 69.4 lbs

What is in the box?

1* 12 Inch Full Mattress

1* Opener

1* Manual Card

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