12" Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress-QUEEN

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Place of Origin Taiwan, China
Main Color White
Main Material Foam
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Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 80.00
Assembled Width (in.) 60.00
Assembled Height (in.) 12.00
Weight (lbs) 77.20


Sleep Better Tonight

The Mattress combines support and comfort, provides excellent whole-body support, can adapt to the curve of the human body, stretches flexibly, protects the spine and maintains a natural and straight posture, allowing the body muscles to fully relax and relieve the human body Stress, reduce the number of turning over during sleep and create a sleeping environment. Compatible with most bed frames, such as foundations, slatted platforms, box-spring beds.


1. Responsive top layer

The top layer foam supports and adapts to you, providing high elasticity and resilience-back feel.

2. Skin-friendly and Moisture absorption

The breathable and skin-friendly fabric cover is non-irritating and will not pilling. Helps remove moisture from the surface and provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

3. Flame-retardant Protection

The flame-retardant fiber after special fire-proof treatment is self-extinguishing. Ensure a fairly safe sleeping area.

4. Breathable and comfortable

The airflow system increases airflow and circulating air. Help regulate body temperature, take away excess heat from the body, reduce the growth of bacteria, and create a healthy and comfortable sleep.

5. Interference-proof sleeping system

Support system constructed by individually pocket spring coils without noisy. Move independently to prevent motion transfer between partners also provide an equal weight distribution by contouring to the curves of the body. Relieving pressure points for an undisturbed better night of rest.

6. Buffer and anti-vibration

The buffer isolation layer is distributed on the support layer, which can effectively reduce the vibration caused by the spring rebound when turning over, and the spring feeling is small.

7. Reinforced coil edges

The reinforced coil edges around the mattress allow you to experience a more durable, larger sleeping area and better seat edges when you wake up.

Product Details

Comfort Level: Medium to Soft

Mattress Type: Hybrid Pocket Spring

Product Highlights: Breathable, Edge Support, Low Motion Transfer

Mattress Dimensions

Twin: 39*75*12 Inch; Approx: 49.6 lbs

Full: 54*75*12 Inch; Approx: 68.3 lbs

Queen: 60*80*12 Inch; Approx: 77.2 lbs

King: 76*80*12 Inch; Approx: 95.9 lbs

What is in the box?

1* 12 Inch Queen Mattress

1* Opener

1* Manual Card

Tips for Unpacking

① Place the mattress roll at one end of the bed frame.

Cut the first plastic layer and roll onto the frame with the opener.

Cut the second plastic layer(carefully).

Watch the mattress expand! 72 hours will be perfect.

Enjoy and sleep better. Good night!

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